Cadence's GRE Technology Offered at Freedom CAD

Freedom CAD Services, a leading provider of high-performance printed circuit board physical design (layout), has recently signed a licensing agreement with EMA Design Automation, the Cadence North American Channel Partner, for the Cadence Allegro suite of PCB design software.  The license agreement includes the Allegro 16.0 Global Route Environment Technology, also known as “GRE.”  This revolutionary technology combines a graphical interconnect flow-planning architecture and a hierarchically-aware global routing engine to provide PCB designers with an automated, intelligent planning and routing environment.  Freedom CAD is one of the first design service bureau’s in the world to offer this tool.

“As a long time customer and member of the Cadence Early Adopter Program, Freedom CAD continues its tradition of employing leading edge technology to give our customers the best result in the least amount of time,” said Lou Primmer, CEO and Co-Founder of Freedom CAD.  “We have built our business on the principle of providing world-class service and support to leading edge technology customers and tools like the Cadence Allegro 16.0 GLX suite.  In particular, GRE will continue to provide us with the opportunity to differentiate Freedom CAD in the marketplace.  Add to that EMA’s superior support during the process, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Lauren Primmer, President and Co-Founder added, “We are confident that the new Global Route Environment technology will enable us to significantly reduce the inefficiencies that are typical in today’s routing processes.  We believe the Global Route Environment technology for Allegro PCB design will enable us to help our customers quickly solve the interconnect challenges that previously would have taken weeks or even months to sort out using conventional practices.  We’re confident that this tool can help us to save time and reduce costs to our customers.”

“We are pleased to have Freedom CAD, one of the industries recognized leaders, as a user of the Global Route Environment technology and as an Early Adopter Program Member,” said Manny Marcano, President and CEO of EMA Design Automation.  “Freedom CAD’s North American footprint of over 45 full-time designers makes them one of our largest service bureau customers.  We are excited to have them on board with the Allegro 16.0 tool suite and have the ability service Allegro users overflow needs across North America.”

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