Freedom CAD to provide PCB Design Services for New Wearable Technology from Designfunhouse, based on eSurface

Freedom CAD is excited to be working with eSurface and Designfunhouse on the development of a new generation of wearable technology, eSurface “Angel”. Freedom CAD has been chosen for the design and layout phase of the next-gen printed circuit board.

eSurface “Angel” is a cutting-edge high technology development project utilizing eSurface’s IP in the creation of a new breed of wearable technology. Designfunhouse will be integrating eSurface’s IP in the development of next-gen wearable technology.

Leading hi-tech analyst Juniper Research estimates the global retail revenue from smart wearable device hardware will triple by 2016, before reaching $53.2 billion by 2019, compared to the $4.5 billion expected this year. The wearable tech marketplace includes the potential for a variety of applications including healthcare and medical, fitness and wellness, industrial & military, and infotainment.

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