Insulectro’s Ken Parent Discusses Alliance with Freedom CAD

Barry Matties of I-Connect007 interviews Ken Parent of Insulectro at IPC APEX EXPO 2015 to discuss the strategic alliance between Insulectro and Freedom CAD.  Read the full interview here.

Scott_and_KenBarry Matties: Ken, I’d like to begin with you telling me more about your strategy with Freedom CAD.

Ken Parent: Well, the reason that we invited Freedom CAD into our booth here at IPC EXPO is because between Isola and DuPont, they are bringing 12 new laminate systems to the market. Isola Rigid CCL and DuPont Flex Laminate systems offerings are expanding to meet the changing needs of the market place. We know at Insulectro the only way we’re going to get these materials into our fabricator customers is if they get designed into the OEM products. And the only way they’re going to get into the OEM products through design is through people like Freedom CAD. That’s the reason that we brought Freedom CAD into our booth. Our affiliation with Freedom CAD is collaboration in bringing innovative solutions to the OEMs through our material knowledge and their design expertise. It’s just really more of a message to the industry: Insulectro is bringing new materials to the market through designs by working with our fabricators and the OEM. We have branded this collaborative effort as ACT! Accomplish Change Together.

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