Scott Miller Interviewed by I-Connect007 About How the Mil/Aero Electronics Supply Chain is Facing New Challenges

The Mil/Aero Electronics supply chain is facing new challenges that are unique to this particular industry. I-Connect007 sat down with a diverse group of indeviduals, including Freedom CAD’s COO Scott Miller, to hear first hand what these challenges have been and how they are changing the way they do business.  Below is a snippet, click here to read the full article.

For this month’s issue of our publications at I-Connect007, we invited a sampling of professionals whose experience centers on the electronics industry in the military and aerospace world, including experts from design, PCB manufacturing, and the assembly arena to sit down with us for a frank discussion. Joining us were Freedom CAD’s COO Scott Miller; Lenthor Engineering VP of Sales/Engineering John Rolle and VP of Marketing Dave Moody; and Zentech’s CEO and President Matt Turpin and VP John Vaughan.

Our discussion centered on the challenges associated with military work, including the new regulatory requirements for cybersecurity, dealing with leaded vs. lead-free components, and the differences and similarities with the commercial world.

The discussion started on the PCB design perspective, whether the challenges are more technical or more centered on the administrative side, such as on regulations.

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