Customer Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about us.

“I continue to be very impressed with how well FreedomCAD is handling this project and all the minute details. I’d buy you guys a case of Scotch for Christmas if it wasn’t so politically incorrect these days J Maybe Santa has a distillery…”

“Thank you both for the excellent work on our board.  The process was simplistic yet dynamic and flexible and exceeded my expectations.  I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

“Jean, huge thanks for all your work – I really appreciate the hours put in to get to the commit date.”

“The service and quality were excellent.  Mike will continue to seek Jon’s help as needed to finish the design on schedule and I will contact you next week regarding other designs that may need Freedom’s help!”

“This board has been a very difficult one to complete and I appreciate your patience and support working with us to drive the board to release. You are an excellent designer and should be commended for your professionalism. I look forward to working with you and the Freedom cad team on many more projects in the future.”

“Thank you very much for an outstanding effort and for your project management abilities that has kept this project on schedule. This has been a very challenging board to design.”

“It’s a thing of beauty — let’s go ahead and build it! I’ve finalized some component values; so please incorporate the following net list so that they all show up properly. There are no wiring changes, only changed R/L/C values.”

“It was indeed a pleasure to meet the Freedom CAD team and tour your facility on Friday. It reaffirmed our company chose the right partner with which to forge a productive and lasting relationship. We very much appreciate the effort and the results of your work to date and look forward to working closely with you going forward.”

“Your company knew how important it was for us to power on quickly to keep our project on track…your team volunteered to work nights, weekends and many a holidays……and your designers did not give up after weeks of 24/7 operations…..”

“Your team’s willingness to work around the clock is both appreciated and commendable. It showed a strong team player attitude. You were working “with us” not just “for us”, i.e., you volunteered to work all those unbelievable hours to help us to “make it happen” as fast as you could.”