Customer Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about us.

“We are very happy with the support of Freedom CAD! You again pulled our butts out of the fire with your quick response for this last CPU layout. Don did an incredible job… We really appreciate his effort and dedication.”

“You guys did a great job and were wonderful to work with. We also feel the skill sets of Gerry and Robert were outstanding and it will show in the end result. Thank you.”

“Thanks Jon and Roland for the “extra effort” in wrapping these two packages up for us!!!!! (I did notice the timestamp on the file drop!) As usual, another outstanding job!”

“It is very encouraging to see that despite some unexpected delays (while fixing the existing layout) we are still on track and even slightly ahead. Well done. Thank you very much for the extra effort.”

“Thanks so much for the support provided by Sandra on the recent respin for RoHS, USB and xxx redundancy. She demonstrated excellent tool competency and required minimal guidance to implement a high quality layout design. Not having worked with her in the past, I was pleasantly surprised at the first pass accuracy of her work.”

“I would like to thank you and everybody else that worked on this board for their excellent effort and patience with all of the changes to get the job done. Freedom CAD is truly a full service design center that produces nothing but quality work.”

“I wish to express my appreciation in your efforts to complete the xxx board. Your organization, and especially Paul, has gone through many hurdles to accomplish this monumental task. I know you guys do this stuff all the time, but in my case I would like to make known that Paul has done an exemplary job to reach his end goal. I look forward to finishing up this effort. I will recommend your organization to friends, and will look forward to working with you and your company in the future.”

“From my point of view you have done a tremendous work under the circumstances. One thing I really appreciate was the accurate information I received from you last weekend; it gave me better understanding for the problem. I will have no problem at all working with you again.”

“I have to say being able to make changes real time at the pace that Don was making them yesterday was very impressive to us, and more importantly to our customer. We look forward to working with you.”

“Yesterday, Mike was having a problem with his allegro display and was hollering to me from over the cube wall for help….I couldn’t remember the command off the top of my head so I said, wait a second and I’ll put out an e-mail, someone has to remember how to do that.

Not 10 seconds later I had three responses, Mike was so impressed that he chimed out ‘WOW that was FAST!’ So I said ‘There’s nothing like having the support of 40+ designers behind you!” He responded with ‘I guess not, now that’s impressive!’”