Freedom CAD Moves IT Infrastructure to Secure Datacenter

By Brian White | April 21, 2011

Freedom CAD Services Inc, a global provider of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) engineering and layout Services is pleased to announce that Colospace, the largest regional provider of outsourced data center and IT Managed Services in New England, has been selected to provide a full scope of Managed IT Services hosted at one of Colospace’s leading SAS70 TypeII Data Centers in Massachusetts.

ColoSpace will provide Freedom CAD colocation services out of its fully redundant data center plus managed services which include Windows Server Management, Managed Firewall Security, Switch, and NAS storage.

ColoSpaces’s Co-founder, Aaron Sawchuk said “We are happy to add Freedom CAD to our distinguished list of customers and it is another example of continuing ColoSpace’s high growth rate by providing leading IT Services to the region’s best companies.” Freedom CAD Services CEO, Eddie Broyles added, “ By contracting ColoSpace to manage our IT Infrastructure, we are able to provide our customers with a much higher level of data security and accessibility than ever before.”

ColoSpace is the largest regional provider of outsourced data center and IT Managed Services in New England. The core of all of ColoSpace’s services is the network of SAS70 Type II Compliant Data Centers that we operate in the region. These Data Centers provide a level of redundancy, reliability, and security that our customers demand but are unable to meet internally. ColoSpace layers multiple Managed Services, which include data storage and backup, Managed Security, Infrastructure Monitoring and Management, and Application Hosting on top of the core offering to meet all of the needs of our customers. Our services help our customers increase uptime, reduce expenses, and improve operations.


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