Freedom CAD Offers Schematic Integrity Analysis

By Brian White | February 14, 2015

valydate_logoFreedom CAD has teamed with Valydate to offer Schematic Integrity Analysis.

We are finding that schematic designs are becoming too complex to be completely manually/visually verified and errors introduced during schematic design can result in product failures or marginalities in production.

Valydate can save hundreds of hours of visual inspection by verifying the schematics integrity with its proprietary, automated tool for checking each net on the design schematic to identify errors and marginalities. Over 70 proprietary checks are performed on each net on a schematic. Why spend valuable time in the lab debugging hard to find errors if they can be caught even before layout has started? In addition, some of these errors/marginalities may pass lab testing and integration but will be exposed in the production ramp-up.

Sample of schematic Checks

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  • Bus flip errors
  • Threshold Parametric verification
  • BOM Cross Component verification
  • Power/Ground plane connection verification
  • Good design practice (ie: inputs to power)
  • Capacitor decoupling sufficiency validation
  • Design Spec. validation (ROHS, Temperature…)
  • Multi Board and Backplane analysis
  • Differential Pair Verification
  • Schematic Symbol Verification


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