Freedom CAD Participates in Virtual PCB Conference

By Brian White | March 2, 2010

Freedom CAD Service’s, senior printed circuit board designer, Robert Jardon, is presenting at Virtual PCB Conference on March 2-4. The Virtual PCB is the industry’s first virtual conference and trade show for the PCB design, fabrication and assembly markets.

The conference includes presentations on:

  • Tin Whiskers: Are they behind the Toyota recalls?
  • Printed Electronics vs.Traditional Electronics
  • DDR3 Design and Analysis
  • Easy (and Cost-Effective Ways) to Prototype Faster
  • How to Plan your Design to Save Layers and Time
  • LEDs and PCBs
  • Library Management
  • Emerging Technologies in Electronics
  • Rigid/Flex
  • Solderability and Reliability
  • Flip Chip

Freedom CAD’s Robert Jardon is presenting “How to Plan Your Design to Save Layers and Time”.

Robert Jardon has earned a worldwide reputation for developing high density, high complexity interconnect design solutions where other designers have been less successful. He shared his 30 years of interconnection technology experience, 20 of those years using Cadence Allegro, in a presentation describing how an effective planning methodology that includes Cadence’s Interconnect Flow Planner (IFP) can reduce layer counts and save time and money during the printed circuit board layout process.

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