Scott McCurdy Promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing

By Brian White | January 10, 2013
Scott McCurdy

Scott McCurdy

We are pleased to announce that Scott McCurdy has been promoted to the position of Director of Sales and Marketing for Freedom CAD Services.  Scott will be responsible for all of Freedom CAD’s sales activity worldwide.   Since joining Freedom CAD in 2007, Scott has been instrumental in building a broad, diversified, customer portfolio and growing Freedom CAD’s business on West Coast.

Scott diligently tries to keep abreast of the industry’s latest technology roadmaps and trends, which helps Freedom CAD plan for the training and tools required to keep Freedom CAD one of the industry’s top engineering service providers.

In addition to his duties at Freedom CAD, Scott is the President of the Orange County Chapter of the IPC Designers Council.  In this role and with the help of the IPC, Scott has helped to keep hundreds of printed circuit board engineers and designer educated on the leading edge and evolving technologies related to printed circuit board design.

“Scott has been able to leverage his intimate knowledge of the printed circuit board industry from his days as the former President of McCurdy Circuits into becoming a valuable resource for his PCB design customers while at Freedom CAD”, said Scott Miller, Chief Operating Officer of Freedom CAD.  “His wealth of industry experience enables Scott to guide his customers to the best technical and financial solutions for their products and this has earned him a loyal following.   We hope to leverage Scott’s strengths and enthusiasm across our entire sales team and expand our business in all aspects of the printed circuit board design services we offer, including electrical, mechanical and signal integrity engineering, library management, layout, translations and prototype and preproduction turnkey services”

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