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  • COVID-19 / Coronavirus Preparedness

    Over this past week, the growing threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a global issue that is impacting all of our lives. The management at Freedom CAD Services would like you to know that we are taking every precaution to minimize its impact on our employees and our ability to service our customers. All Freedom CAD […]

  • Freedom CAD Conference Room

    Looking for Contract CAD Services and PCB Design Consultants?

    Do you want a second set of eyes on your CAD or PCB project? If you work on a small internal engineering team or your schedule is overloaded with projects nearing their deadlines, adequately reviewing your projects can be challenging. Instead of slowing down your production or sending your designs to fabrication and assembly before […]

  • Altium’s Judy Warner Discusses The Benefits of Using a Professional PCB Design Service Bureau with Freedom CAD’s Scott Miller

    Below is a snippet, click here to read the full article. Companies and design teams look to professional PCB design service providers to support their product development for a variety of reasons. In this article we talk with Scott Miller, COO of Freedom CAD, about what dynamics, benefits, and potential concerns come into play when […]

  • How to Implement DDR4

    DDR4 succeeded DDR3 as the next generation of synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) software. DDR4 offers several improvements over its predecessor, including faster download speed, higher DIMM capacities, enhanced data integrity and power efficiency, and overall improved performance. Compared with DDR3, the DDR4 PCB design consists of several physical changes. First, DDR4 has 288 pins as opposed […]

  • Dark Blue PCB

    Four Technical Issues to Avoid in PCB Design

    When the necessary precautions are ignored, printed circuit board hardware design and manufacturing processes are prone to fail. Design oversights such as inaccurate measurements and insufficient clearances can lead to printed circuit board (PCB) problems that impact final product performance. Catastrophic failures may result from over-etching and errors in drilling, as well as quality concerns […]