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Whether it is design from concept, full product development, legacy design support, product upgrades or redesigns; we put the pieces together using a robust process to provide an array of services that get the job done in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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Conduction Cooled Battery Monitoring and Control system for metric ton battery system which included the Mechanical Electrical, Thermal, and PCB Design. 

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Who We Are

Founded in 2003, Freedom CAD is a premier Electronic Product Development and Engineering Services organization with a talented and dedicated staff of 30+ design and engineering professionals. We strive to provide extraordinary solutions to complex product design requirements to exceed our customers expectations for quality, performance, cost and schedule requirements.

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Our Process

1. System Requirements Review (SRR)

The SRR identifies the functional, performance, environmental, size, weight, regulatory, aesthetic and any other requirements for the product being developed.  We work together to develop the work product of the SRR, the System Requirements Document (SRD) that will be the project Roadmap.

2. Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

The PDR is a review of the block diagrams, bills of material, 3D models, Simulations and other deliverables that will demonstrate that the design meets all system requirements with acceptable risk and within the cost and schedule goals.

3. Critical Design Review (CDR)

The CDR demonstrates that the deliverables developed during the are adequate to proceed with the fabrication, assembly integration and testing of prototype (Alpha) units.

4. Production Readiness Review (PRR)

The PRR reviews the results of the Alpha units and any associated regulatory testing and agency approvals and determines if design is mature enough to begin procurement of production quantities of materials.

5. Test Readiness Review (TRR)

The TRR validates that the test assets that have been developed test all attributes of the product in a way that supports the anticipated production quantities and that all test processes, procedures, hardware and software has been adequately documented.

6. System Acceptance Review (SAR)

The SAR verifies the completeness the development process and that the product conforms to all of the attributes specified in the SRD and has successfully passed all regulatory testing and met all regulatory requirements.

Our People

We have a talented staff of 30+ design and engineering professionals with a diverse array of skills in electrical, mechanical and software development.

Our People have hundreds of years of combined experience in Product Development. Our Core Competencies include:

  • Complex System Architecture Design – Schematic Capture and Critical Component Selection
  • FPGA Development, Embedded Development, Firmware, RTOS, GUI and HMI Development
  • Simulations – Signal IntegrityPower Integrity
  • Mechanical Design and Simulations – Thermal – Structural
  • EMI / EMC / ESD Susceptibility and Suppression
  • High Speed Digital, Analog, Audio, Video, ADC, DAC, Servo, PLL, and Mixed Signal Circuitry
  • Radio Frequency Devices – Learn More
  • Servers, Switches and Networking Products
  • Battery Management
  • Power Supply Design; AC to DC, DC to DC and Power Over Ethernet

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