Case Study: Conduction Cooled Battery Monitoring and Control

Purpose built for a wireless power transfer application that uses inductively coupled, galvanically isolated technology. The design includes two Thermal Clad Insulated Metal Substrate (TCLAD) PCBs for thermal conduction, physical isolation between primary and secondary components, and various electrical, mechanical, thermal, and PCB designs. The application controls battery voltage in a metric ton battery and includes features such as plexiglass partition wall, perimeter seal, ground stud, ethernet connectors, and faceplate heatsink. The design also includes mill-max pogo spring pins and pads, 23-pin round ethernet connectors, and a die-cut conductive thermal gap pad. The assembly uses flywire pin leads to Phoenix connectors.

  • Inductively Coupled, Galvanically Isolated Wireless Power Transfer application

  • 2 Thermal Clad Insulated Metal Substrate (TCLAD) PCBs for thermal conduction to center PCBs

  • Physical isolation between the primary and secondary

  • Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal, and PCB design

  • Controls Battery Voltage in Metric Ton Battery

1. Plexiglass Partition Wall

2. Perimeter Seal for Plexiglass

3. Flush Head Ground Stud ¼-20” for 4. Braided Flat GND Strap

4. Captive 4-40 PEM Nuts for Easy Installation

5. Press in Dowel to set Alignments & Orientation for primary and secondary Assemblies

1. 2X 5 Pin Ethernet Connectors

2. 23 Pin Power Connector

3. 8 Pin Power Connector
Cabled to Battery

Constraints and Features

  • Mill-Max Pogo Spring Pins and Pads for communicating from T-Clad to PCB
  • 23 Pin Round Ethernet Connectors w/EMI Gasket Conn Pins Feed to Ethernet Mill-Max Pin Holders
  • Faceplate & T-Clad is Pinned Diagonally to help Set Orientation
  • 2x 5 Pin round Ethernet Connectors w/EMI Gaskets
    Conn Pins Feed to Ethernet Mill-Max Pin Holders
  • Die Cut Conductive Thermal Gap Pad 3 W/m-K
  • Exterior Faceplate Heatsink
  • Battery Management and Control Assembly
    w/Flywire Pin Leads to Phoenix Conn

Battery Management


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