Turnkey Manufacturing Services

Aligning internal resources to manage and execute the successful manufacturing of your prototypes can be difficult. We take 100% of the work associated with the manufacturing out of your hands completely. We have dedicated manufacturing project managers that work directly with our designers and engineers to manage your prototype build from day 1. Your project manager will handle everything, from working with the designer to get the stackup at the beginning of the layout, to placing orders with the vendors and managing shipping & delivery schedules. Our streamlined process and dedicated project managers allow you to free up internal resources and further ensure that prototypes are delivered on schedule.

FREEDOMCAD has strategic alliances throughout the PCB manufacturing industry. Our partners have been hand picked to offer the highest standards and best match for your technology & industry requirements.

A Complete Turnkey Solution

Key Benefits

  • Complete project management, frees up your internal resources.
  • Faster time-to-market.
  • Seamless integration with our design team; we work together from day 1 to ensure a smooth transition into fabrication.
  • We work directly with the fabrication and assembly shops while in the design phase to prevent material lead times and other potential delays.
  • Truly quick-turn: Boards are often in fabrication the same day a design is completed.
  • We provide a simple “menu” to choose from, typically 3, 5, & 10 day lead time options.
  • Fabrication, Assembly, and Components are broken out into separate line items, choose a 3 day turn in fabrication and a 5 day turn in assembly, whatever best fits your budget and schedule.