Data Requirements for Manufacturing Quotes

Below are the minimum requirements for quoting Fabrication, Assembly, and Parts.  If FREEDOMCAD is handling the layout or engineering of your project, we will work with our designers and engineers to gather the required information as soon as it is available.

Component Procurement / BOM Audits:

  • BOM in excel or .csv format
  • Must include, at minimum, the manufacturer P/N and quantity for each component.  Part descriptions, Manufacturer and ref-des are helpful


  • Board dimensions, layer count, thickness, material, minimum finished drill size and estimated hole count are required at minimum.
  • A Fabrication drawing containing all of the above information, drill chart, and fabrication notes is preferred.


  • An Assembly drawing showing reference designator locations is required at a minimum for labor only quotes.
  • A BOM in excel or .csv format with Manufacturer names and P/Ns, preferably with ref-des locations.

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