PCB Translation & Conversion

Translating Designs & Libraries Across Tools

Convert Your Data Across Multiple Tools

Freedom CAD has the capability to convert your data to and from any of the industry’s most advanced tools.  Whether you are looking to convert your data from Allegro to Altium, or ExpressPCB to Mentor Expedition, our proprietary DART™ software has the flexibility to handle it.

DART™ intelligently migrates complete PCB data, schematics, and constraints.  It then outputs all this converted information, along with performing data validation and verification ensuring that the resulting translation is complete and maintains the integrity of the original data.


Core Benefits of our DART™ Translation Software

  • Functional design output
  • Maintains dependencies
  • Design integrity maintained
  • Electrical constraints retained
  • Fast, accurate legacy design migration
  • Data content retained withdetailed reports
  • Automated verification with detailed reports
  • Functional properties automatically processed
  • Customizable mapping for user defined properties
  • PCB Translation across to and from multiple tools
  • Logical and physical databases can be migrated together
  • Enables design reuse and minimizes project schedule impact