Signal Integrity Analysis

As signal speeds increase, the quality and integrity of the PCB layout becomes increasingly critical for optimizing the performance of the system. Simulation and analysis can help to avoid the painful hours of debug in a lab to find the source of bit errors, , when you determine you have a noise problem. At the same time, SI simulation can prove to be time consuming and expensive.
With our extensive experience in SI, we will work with you at the beginning of the design to mutually determine the practical level of simulation required for your specific board, to mitigate the risk. We find in most cases, appropriate SI CAD guidelines, combined with simulation of just a few critical interfaces, is the optimal approach. Then we support the layout process real-time to solve any routability vs. performance issues before they have a chance to affect schedule and cost.

FREEDOMCAD’s SI experts have years of experience in pre-design and post-design verification and analysis. This experience and expertise, combined with powerful state-of-the-art software, helps ensure your design will work the way you expect it to the first time and all the time. Below is a list of some of the services we provide although we can customize services to meet your unique needs.

SI Capabilities (Ansys HFSS & SI Wave)

  • Up Front SI Risk Analysis
  • Pre and Post Route Simulations
  • Frequency Domain & Time Domain Modeling
  • 3D Via Field Modeling and Optimization
  • Optimization of AC Coupling Cap Launches
  • Optimization of Connector Launches
  • Infiniband, PCIe (Gen 1 & 2), XAUI link Analysis
  • IEEE 802.3ap KR Compliance to 10 Gbps
  • StatEye Time Domain Analysis
  • DDR2 and DDR3 Optimization
  • Crosstalk and Timing Analysis
  • Detailed SI CAD Guidelines Generation
  • Real Time SI Support Throughout the CAD Layout Process