Standard Deliverables Package – PCB Layout

The example below shows an Allegro board file but Altium, Xpedition, and PADS outputs will be similar. We provide a set of industry-standard deliverables for fabrication, assembly, and test, but can customize to your company’s standards and naming conventions.

Gerber Data (274X)

  • 123456f0.psl    Gerber Primary Side Silkscreen
  • 123456f0.pmk     Gerber Primary Side Soldermask
  • 123456f0.ppa     Gerber Primary Side Solder Paste
  • 123456f0.l01     Gerber Layer 01
  • 123456f0.lN     Gerber Layer N
  • 123456f0.smk     Gerber Secondary Side Soldermask
  • 123456f0.ssl     Gerber Secondary Side Silkscreen
  •     Gerber Secondary Side Solder Paste
  • 123456f0.drl     NCdrill File
  • 123456f0.dpm     NCdrill Parameter File
  • 123456f0.vpt     Gerber Via Plug Primary Side (If required)
  • 123456f0.vpb     Gerber Via Plug Secondary Side (If required)


  •     Gerber 274X Fabrication Drawing123456f0_fab.dxf     DXF Fabrication Drawing
  • 123456f0_fab.pdf     Searchable PDF Fabrication Drawing
  •     Gerber 274X Primary Assembly Drawing
  • 123456f0_tassy.dxf     DXF Primary Assembly Drawing
  • 123456f0_tassy.pdf     Searchable PDF Primary Assembly Drawing
  •     Gerber 274X Secondary Assembly Drawing
  • 123456f0_bassy.dxf     DXF Secondary Assembly Drawing
  • 123456f0_bassy.pdf     Searchable PDF Secondary Assembly Drawing

Database Files

  • 123456f0.brd     Allegro Database (equivalent will be provided for Altium, Xpedition, etc.)
  • 123456f0_ODB.tgz     Valor ODB++ Database

Extracted Files

  • 123456f0.cad     Fabmaster/Unicam File
  • 123456f0_brd.txt     Valout Cimbridge Extraction Brd
  • 123456f0_pad.txt     Valout Cimbridge Extraction Pad
  • 123456f0_sym.txt     Valout Cimbridge Extraction Sym
  • 123456f0_rte.txt     Valout Cimbridge Extraction Rte
  • 123456f0_ccam.cad     CircuitCAM file
  • 123456f0_ccamnet.cad     CircuitCAM file
  • 123456f0.tst     Testprep Report – Test point locations
  • 123456f0.ipc     IPC356D File
  • art_aper.txt     Gerber Aperture List for 274X Files
  • art_param.txt     Gerber Parameter File for 274X Files
  • placed.rpt     Placement File, X-Y Coordinates
  • smd_top.rpt     Surface mount comps top side with fiducials
  • smd_bot.rpt     Surface mount comps bottom side with fiducials
  • thru_hole.rpt     Thru-hole comps only
  • sympins.rpt     Symbol Pins Report
  • netlist.rpt     Netlist Report
  • bottom_probe.tap     Bottom Probe Ncdrill File Testpoints only

Additional Outputs Available

  • HPGL Drawings
  • GenCAD
  • EMN, EMP (IDF)
  • DXFs and PDFs of gerber layers
  • Military and many other outputs are also available when requested