Value Added Services

Additional services to streamline your product development.

    • Fabrication, Assembly & Kitting

      We have a dedicated manufacturing team to manage all of your prototype requirements, from parts procurement to fabrication and assembly – a complete turnkey solution with a single point of contact.

    • DFM & Valor Services

      We perform DFM and Valor checks on all FCS designed products using Valor’s Enterprise 3000 software.  We also offer DFM and Valor services for designs done outside of Freedom CAD.

    • Contractor Placement

      Freedom CAD is the leading supplier of reliable and well-trained engineering contractors, consultants, and designers to meet the on-site requirements of customers across all market segments.

    • Library Development

      Our approach combines comprehensive PCB library services with our unique DART™ translation technology to provide the most thorough, accurate, and cost effective library solutions available today.

    • PCB Data Conversion

      Our proprietary DART™ software intelligently migrates complete PCB data, schematics, constraints, and outputs all information, along with performing data validation and verification of data integrity.

    • View All Services

      We offer a wide range of services, including our core PCB Design services and also Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. View them all here.