Electrical Engineering

A seamless extension of your engineering team.

Electrical Engineering Services

Freedom CAD offers electrical engineering services for a myriad of industries and applications. We will complement your electrical engineering team with unparalleled services that add value to your operational processes. An array of capabilities enable us to be a one-stop solutions provider for all our customer’s electrical/electronic needs.

What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineering entails the practical application of the sciences supporting electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. Specifically, this covers design, analysis, testing, manufacture, and maintenance of systems and devices that generate or transmit electricity or use electricity as a power source. Electronic engineering – a subdivision of the electrical engineering discipline – deals with the use of nonlinear and active electrical components to analyze and design electronic circuits, printed circuit boards (PCBs), VLSI devices, and their respective supporting systems.

The engineering field has a rich history, featuring prominent electrical engineers such as Nikola Tesla, Edith Clarke, George Westinghouse, and Peter Cooper Hewitt, all of whom made essential contributions that helped to shaped modern civilization.

Electrical engineers work with a diverse range of technologies and oversee the development of a myriad of electrical systems for numerous industries including:

  • Automotive – electric motors, electrical controls, electronic controlling unit (ECU)
  • Aerospace – radar and navigation systems, communication systems, flight instruments
  • Telecommunications – signal processing, electronic switching systems, data transmission
  • Construction – lighting and wiring
  • Power generation – transmission and distribution systems, power conversion
  • Computing – solid-state circuits, quantum and optical electronics, large-scale network systems

What Can Freedom CAD Provide for You?

Freedom CAD’s electrical engineering team possesses the expertise to meet your analog or digital circuitry needs. We specialize in areas such as field programmable gate array (FPGA) systems, RF/wireless design, and microcontroller/DSP-based design among others.

Digital/High-Speed Design

Our team utilizes multiple high-speed surface-mount assembly lines to produce circuit assemblies. All our work is inspected by IPC-certified personnel to ensure compliance with specifications including MIL-STD, IPC, ISO, JDEC, and IEEE, before being shipped from our facilities.

Freedom CAD is a leader in the conversion of FPGAs to ASICs, having performed multitudinous conversions throughout our years of operation. We provide customers with significant cost savings, improved performance, and longer product life by substituting inefficient FPGAs with drop-in ASIC replacements. Other benefits of this service include lower power consumption, enhanced thermal performance, and improved radiation immunity.

Our engineering team also draws on extensive industry experience and industry knowledge to provide high-value services. We analyze the requirements of your project to achieve the intended function at optimal cost. We look at all aspects of your system, eliminating redundant elements while maintaining performance goals and improving the overall cost effectiveness of your design.

Our other digital/high-speed design capabilities include:

  • DFx analysis
  • Test planning
  • Component analysis and evaluation
  • Compliance engineering

Analog Design

Our electrical engineers are also versed in analog circuit design. Many electronic components require analog processing/signal conditioning before interfacing with a microcontroller or DSP. Some systems may also have audio or video functions that require analog circuitry. Freedom CAD has expansive knowledge of analog systems, including:

  • Analog circuits used for power supplies
  • Data conversion
  • Data acquisition
  • Filters and amplifiers
  • Control systems
  • Pulsed circuits

Electrical Engineering Specialists

Freedom CAD’s electrical engineering services have been employed in industries worldwide for a multitude of applications. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management systems ensures that we can meet the strictest electrical and electronic specifications.

To see how Freedom CAD’s electrical and electronic engineering services can benefit your operation, please contact us or request a quote.

Whether you are starting from scratch, looking to increase performance, or need to develop a next gen product – our full-time engineers have you covered.

Additional Capabilities

  • Digital / High Speed Design

    • Value Engineering
    • Circuit Design & Analysis
    • FPGA to ASIC Conversion
    • DFx Analysis
    • Test Planning (Design / Development)
    • Component Analysis & Evaluation
    • Compliance Engineering
  • Analog Design

    • Data acquisition (Analog / Digital inputs)
    • Signal Conditioning (Amplifiers / Filters)
    • Pulsed Circuits (Linear / Non-linear)
    • Control Systems
    • Power Electronics
    • Analog Circuit Simulation

Case Studies

  • 72 Port Infiniband Switch
  • 72 Line Infiniband Switch

    Goal: Reduce the cable count and complexity in highly integrated Infiniband switch systems. This approach was initially utilized to create a switching matrix as the heart of a supercomputer.

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  • Digital Driver Detector
  • Digital Driver Detector

    Goal: Eliminate component obsolescence, use all SMT devices for manufacturing ease and solve low frequency (< 1MHz) gaps or dead zones for driving and receiving data – all without disturbing the operating system software.

    Read Case Study
  • PCi Express Design
  • PCI Express (PCIe) Design

    Goal: Engineer a RoHS compliant design that would fit within a four physical lane PCI Express (PCIe) form factor as defined in the PCIe 2.0 specification.

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